Franchise The franchise system, which was born in the USA, has become a rapidly expanding system thanks to its efficient and profitable nature.

What is Franchise System?

The franchising system is a concession granting system. It is the whole of the business relationship arising from the granting of these rights to one or a firm within certain conditions and limitations by the party that has the privilege of a product or service.UgiUs

How does the franchise process proceed?

First of all, we conduct a preliminary interview in order to provide the investor candidate with the first information about our franchise system.
We make a presentation to our candidate candidate about our franchise system, UGİ’S and our investment conditions.

We carry out a feasibility of the store designated by the investor or us.
We then sign a franchise agreement in case the process progresses positively.
The project is prepared by our solution partners for the designated store and the presentation of this architectural project is made.

After the contract is signed, the construction process starts and the process is structured by the store solution partners. Near the end of the committed construction process, support is given to the selection of personnel through the founding team and their trainings are given by UGİ’S.

Finally, we perform the arrangements and controls in accordance with the project and deliver the store to the investor.
Would you like to be a part of our family?

Would you like to be a part of our family?
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